The Effect of Seed Addition on Biodiversity in an Oak Savanna
Experiment Id

This experiment was established in an unfenced area of field D in the spring of 1991. There are 10 replicates of each of 5 treatments, making a total of 50 plots. Each plot is 1.5m x 1.5m with 1.0m aisles between the plots. The 50 plots were randomly assigned their treatments. Seeds were added to the plots in June of 1991 according to the following treatments:

  1. Complete Control
  2. Raked Control
  3. Forb Seed Added
  4. Grass Seed Added
  5. Forb and Grass Seed Added

The number of grass and forb seedlings, in the center square meter, were counted in late July and late August of 1991. Percent cover estimates were done, also in the center square meter, of the established plants alone in late July and then, of the established plants and the seedlings together, in late August. Percent cover estimates will continue to be done on an annual basis. For a list of treatments, see the treatment layouts in file trmte91.