Environmental Monitoring

Climate Monitoring

CCESR Climate Station

Cedar Creek's current weather station, installed June, 2023, monitors numerous environmental variables, including air and soil temperatures, precipitation, soil moisture, wind conditions, solar radiation, humidity, barometric pressure, and snow pack levels.

Access Daily Air Temperature and Precipitation Data 1962-2023

Sensor List

Environmental Parameter

Campbell Scientific Sensor


Environmental Parameter

Campbell Scientific Sensor

Air temp and relative humidity



Short wave radiation


Wind speed and direction



Full spectrum radiation


Barometric pressure



Soil temperature and moisture





Snow depth


External Data

The National Atmospheric Deposition Program monitors precipitation chemistry at Cedar Creek.  Data is available here (site MN01).

Monthly precipitation from Fort Snelling near MPLS airport (1836–1993) available here.

Minnesota CliMAT is an interactive online tool that provides highly localized climate projections for Minnesota. Visit here.

Water Table Depth

Eighty-seven piezometers (cased bore holes) were installed along topographic transects within the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve. Depth to water table is measured at each well at a monthly to quarterly interval. Water samples are collected periodically and analyzed for pH and major cations and anions.

Access Water Table Depth Data