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For questions about the Cedar Creek Long Term
Ecological Research (CDR LTER) program:
CDR LTER Co-Leaders

Dr. Eric Seabloom   Email:   Phone: 612-625-5707
Dr. Peter G. Kennedy   Email:   Phone: 612-624-8519

CDR LTER Information Manager:

Dan Bahauddin   Email:   Phone: 612-301-2601

CDR LTER Research Coordinators

Troy Mielke   Email:   Phone: 612-301-2605
Kally Worm   Email:   Phone: 612-301-2616

CDR LTER Administrative Coordinator:

Susan Barrott   Email:   Phone: 612-625-5707

For questions about the
Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve:


Cedar Creek Associate Director

Dr. Caitlin Barale Potter   Email:   Phone: 612-301-2601

Education and Community Engagement Coordinator:

Dr. Kara Baldwin   Email:   Phone: 612-301-2602


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