Plant Competition Under Different Nitrogen Levels:A Garden Experiment
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This garden plot experiment is located next to the E026 gardens in Field E (Old Field 44). This garden contained monocultures of major grass species from across the grassland biome of North America, and also 3 legume species (E070). The design and purpose were similar to E026, except the plots were larger. The basic experimental design consisted of growing plants in monoculture and in various competitive combinations on each of 14 different soil mixtures. In 1988 a bulldozer was used to remove 30 inches of top soil at the site. To each plot a certain amount of black dirt, ranging from 0.3 inches to 10 inches, was added. Total carbon ranged from 0.1928% to 5.63134% and total nitrogen ranged from 0.0158% to 0.4591%. The exact amounts of black soil added to each plot are described in the field operations.

Equal amounts of MgSO4, CaCO3, P2O5 \