The Effects of Adding Different Levels of Nitrogen at Different Times During the Growing Season
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The purpose of this experiment is to determine the effects of adding different levels of NH4NO3 at different times during the growing season. This experiment is being conducted inside the fenced areas of fields A and B. See E001 for description of fence construction. There are seven treatments, six combinations of three fertilization dates and two nitrogen levels and one control. There are 5 replicates of each treatment for 35 plots in each field. The nitrogen levels are E, G, and I and are defined in fertilization details in the "microplot" strategy. The times of fertilization are roughly May, June, or July. See CALENDAR.DOC for exact times of fertilization. The plots are laid out in a 5 by 7 grid and are 1.5 by 3.5 meters in area. Aisles are one meter wide in field A and 0.75 meters wide in field B.