Effects of Deer on Growth and Establishment of Woody Vegetation in Old Fields
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The purpose of this experiment is to measure the effects of deer on the growth and establishment of woody vegetation in old fields. This experiment is located in fields A and B. There are 6 plots in each field. Each plot is 10 by 30 meters, with the long axis perpendicular to the field/woods margin. Plots within a field are spaced at least 5 meters apart. Approximately 5 meters of the 30 meters length extends into the woods, the remaining 25 meters extend out into the field. Each plot is divided into twelve, 5 by 5 meter sections. Six quadrats were placed within each exclosure in each 5 meters of length. Plots are located randomly within each of those blocks. To assign locations randomly a grid was set up from 0 - 4 along the length and 0 - 9 along the width of each plot and random numbers were drawn in pairs, one from each of the random distributions. The plots were marked with rebar. Three plots in each field are fenced with poultry netting, approximately 2 meters high, to exclude deer.