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University of Minnesota
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Research proposal application

To submit a research proposal, please be familiar with the guidelines for research as explained in the Cedar Creek Research Policy. Your research proposal is to be submitted electronically to the Associate Director ( Please provide the following:

1. An abstract consisting of (1) the title of project and names and titles of principal investigators and other researchers and (2) no more than 250 words detailing the goals, purpose, importance, and objectives of the research and summarizing its size and location, its design and methods, and its potential impacts.

2. Principal Investigators: Name and address of home institution and department. Phone number/FAX number/E-mail address. If principal investigator is a graduate student, identify major advisor. If principal investigator is not affiliated with an academic or research institution, identify two persons who can testify as to the scientific capability and reliability of the applicant.

3.  Research Proposal (maximum total length 1000 words, covering all of the following topics):

  • Description of research (design of experimental or observational study, methods, types of data to be collected, where data and voucher specimens will be archived).
  • Size and location of study area. Indicate possible locations on map and show relation to any existing nearby studies and include GPS coordinates of a bounding area or a GIS shapefile WGS84 (projection).  
  • Environmental impact on Cedar Creek and on any existing nearby field studies.
  • Starting date and duration.
  • Funding (agency, source and amount to be sought, include title of grants, proposed dates, etc.).
  • Facilities (Cedar Creek facilities needed to perform the research).

4.  If your research proposal is approved, please complete form, “Resource Request and Research Plan”. 

Please submit the completed application via E-mail to the Associate Director (