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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna - Experiment 093

Seedling density

Years Available: 1992 - 2004

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Plot numberPlot
2Subplot numberSubplot number
3Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date
4Field LetterField ID
5Establishment DateEstablishment Date
6Section#Section number
7TreatmentTreatment Number
8TrtmtLetterTreatment Letter
9Replicate IDIdentifyer indicating unique instance of repeating measure
10# of Speciescount of Speciesdimensionless
11Species NameSpecies
12Seedling number/m2SeedlingNumber(count/m2)dimensionless


Plot numberSubplot numberSampling date (YYMMDD)Field LetterEstablishment DateSection#TreatmentTrtmtLetterReplicate ID# of SpeciesSpecies NameSeedling number/m2
153920811D92060617G330Unknown D4
152920811D92060617G330Hieracium longipilum4
151920811D92060617G330Hieracium longipilum120
151920811D92060617G330Monarda fistulosa204
151920811D92060617G330Panicum sp.132
151920811D92060617G330Polygonum convolvulus4
151920811D92060617G330Miscellaneous herbs332
151920811D92060617G330Miscellaneous grasses624
151920811D92060617G330Solidago sp.12
151920811D92060617G330Liatris aspera40
151920811D92060617G330Unknown A172
154920811D92060617G330Sorghastrum nutans16

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Soil Heterogeneity and Plant Diversity in an Oak Savanna: Seedling density

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