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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment - Experiment 141

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 1998 - 2016

Principle Investigators

Reich, Peter
Hobbie, Sarah
Montgomery, Rebecca

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1Sampling #Sampling #
6CO2 TreatmentCedar Creek CO2 TreatmentCenriched = 564ppm, Camb = ambient Carbon
7Nitrogen TreatmentCedar Creek Nitrogen TreatmentNenrich= 4g NH4NO3 per MeterSquared per year, Namb = Ambient Nitrogen
8CountOfSpeciesCount Of Speciesdimensionless
9CountOfGroupCount of functional Groupsdimensionless
10ExperimentExperiment DesignM = Part of Main experimental design, S = Part of a Subexperiment
11monospeciesSingular Species of Plot
12MonogroupSingular Functional Group of Plot
13Water TreatmentWater TreatmentH2Oneg=rain removal treament via portable rain shelters, H2Oamb=natural rain fall
14Temp TreatmentTemperature TreatmentHtelv=above and below ground warming treatment, Htamb=ambient temperature
16% coverPercent Coverdimensionless


This dataset has data which is not yet released, as per the LTER Network Data Access Policy. Please contact information manager for more information.

Sampling #SeasonyearPlotRingCO2 TreatmentNitrogen TreatmentCountOfSpeciesCountOfGroupExperimentmonospeciesMonogroupWater TreatmentTemp TreatmentSpecies% cover
2August19981793CenrichNamb164MAndropogon gerardi0.5
2August19981743CenrichNenrich11MBromus inermisC-3Poa pratensis0.02
2August19981783CenrichNamb43MBare ground3
2August19981713CenrichNenrich94MBouteloua gracilis2
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MMosses & lichens1
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MPetalostemum villosum0.1
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MPoa pratensis5
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MPoa pratensis25
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MSchizachyrium scoparium0
2August19981703CenrichNamb94MSolidago rigida0
2August19981713CenrichNenrich94MAchillea millefolium33
2August19981713CenrichNenrich94MAchillea millefolium35

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BioCON : Biodiversity, Elevated CO2, and N Enrichment : Plant species percent cover data

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