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The Small Biodiversity Experiment - Experiment 123

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 1995 - 2005

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David
Wedin, David
Reich, Peter
Knops, Johannes

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1Experiment numberExperiment number
3QuadratSubsection of plot where cover was evaluatedG=green plot section, B=Blue plot section, W=weed invasion section, S=seed addition section
4Sampling date (YYMMDD)Sampling date (YYMMDD)
5Species NameSpecies Name
6Absolute % coverAbsolute % coverdimensionless
7Relative % coverRelative % coverdimensionless
8Crew initialsCrew initials
9GrazedGrazedg = grazed, ug =ungrazed


Experiment numberPlotQuadratSampling date (YYMMDD)Species NameAbsolute % coverRelative % coverCrew initialsGrazed
1231950802Bare ground46
1231950802Miscellaneous litter2
1231950802Agropyron repens0.50.01053
1231950802Agrostis scabra0.50.01053
1231950802Schizachyrium scoparium0.250.00526
1231950802Setaria lutescens (glauca)0.250.00526
1231950802Sporobolus cryptandrus20.0421
1231950802Buchloe dactyloides0.250.00526
1231950802Digitaria ischaemum0.750.01579
1231950802Lespedeza capitata2.250.04736
1231950802Vicia villosa0.250.00526
1231950802Astragalus canadensis0.250.00526

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The Small Biodiversity Experiment: Plant species percent cover data

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