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Seed Addition in Lawrence Strips - Experiment 113

Plant species percent cover data

Years Available: 1994 - 1998

Principle Investigators

Tilman, David

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1Experiment number Experiment number
2Plot number Plot number
3Sampling dateSampling date (YYMMDD)
4Sampling year Sampling year (YYYY)
5Gopher mound Presence of gopher moundsY=present, N=not present
6Species nameSpecies name1=Present,0=Not present
7Absolute percent cover Absolute percent cover dimensionless
8Relative percent coverRelative percent coverdimensionless
9Crew initials Crew initials
10Quadrat Quadrat


Experiment number Plot number Sampling dateSampling year Gopher mound Species name Absolute percent cover Relative percent cover Crew initials Quadrat Note
11319407271994NAgropyron repens0.750.01463tcd drc
11319407271994NAmbrosia artemisiifolia elatior1.50.02927tcd drc
11319407271994NBare ground43.750tcd drc
11319407271994NBerteroa incana60.11707tcd drc
11319407271994NDigitaria ischaemum130.25366tcd drc
11319407271994NErigeron canadensis60.11707tcd drc
11319407271994NMiscellaneous litter50tcd drc
11319407271994NSchizachyrium scoparium220.42927tcd drc
11319407271994NVicia villosa20.03902tcd drc
11329407271994NAgropyron repens0.50.01575tcd drc
11329407271994NAmbrosia artemisiifolia elatior20.06299tcd drc
11329407271994NBare ground63.250tcd drc

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Seed Addition in Lawrence Strips : Plant species percent cover data

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