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Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence - Experiment 014

Soil nitrogen


Years Available: 1983 - 2007

Principle Investigators

Knops, Johannes
Tilman, David

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1fieldCDR field letter
2YearYear of data collection
3Depth (cm)Depth of soil sample in cm
5quadratQuadrat Identifier
6ProportionNProportion of Nitrogen in sampledimensionless
7CultivatedHistoricalCultivated Historical Year
8CultivatedPhotoDate of Cultivated field Photo
9LastCroplast crop harvested from field
10Area_haarea of field in hahectare


fieldYearDepth (cm)transectquadratProportionNCultivatedHistoricalCultivatedPhotoLastCropArea_ha
419831-10120.04581971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10140.04551971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10150.04251971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10160.04361971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10170.04291971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10180.04421971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-10190.03481971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-101100.04231971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-101110.03731971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-101120.03641971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-101130.04211971post-1960 rye 3.7
419831-101140.04631971post-1960 rye 3.7

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Successional Dynamics on a Resampled Chronosequence: Soil nitrogen

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