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Trophic Structure: Insect Species Diversity, Abundance and Body Size - Experiment 122

Diptera species abundance

Years Available: 1992

Principle Investigators

Haarstad, John
Siemann, Evan
Tilman, David

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1EcosystemEcosystem Type
2Frequency of BurningYearly frequency of burning of ecosystem
3Last Year CultivatedLast Year Cultivated
4FamilyBiological Classification: Family
6FieldField ID


EcosystemFrequency of BurningLast Year CultivatedFamilySpecIdFieldDateAbund
prairienotburned1927Dolichopodidae Dolichopus spp pot 9/15/19921
prairienotburned1927Sarcophagidae Senotainia spp pot 7/15/19921
prairienotburned1927Chamaemyidae Leucopis sp pot 6/15/19922
prairienotburned1927Dolichopodidae Dolichopus spp pot 6/15/19922
prairienotburned1927Tachinidae Tachinid spp pot 8/30/19921
prairienotburned1927Sepsidae Sepsis sp pot 6/15/19923
prairienotburned1927Tachinidae big antennae pot 8/30/19921
prairienotburned1927Chamaemyidae Chamaemyia spp pot 7/30/19922
prairienotburned1927Chamaemyidae Chamaemyia spp pot 6/30/19921
prairienotburned1927Chamaemyidae Chamaemyia spp pot 9/15/19921
prairienotburned1927Chamaemyidae Chamaemyia spp pot 7/15/19921
prairienotburned1927Tephritidae Dioxyna piccicola pot 9/15/19921

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Trophic Structure: Insect Species Diversity, Abundance and Body Size: Diptera species abundance

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