Cedar Creek
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Insects of Cedar Creek



(Soldier Beetles)

(Table of Species)

The Soldier Beetles (468 NA spp) are a common family having predaceous ground/wood inhabiting larvae.Chauliognathispennsylvanicus, the Goldenrod Soldier Beetle, is a pollen feeder found on flower heads in late summer. It is both abundant and ubiquitous. Other genera collected include: Cantharis (8 spp--rectus, rotundicollis, nigriceps, excavatus, fraxini, carolinus, scitulus, impressicollis?), Podabrus (5 spp--tricostatus, diadema, modestus, frater, protensus), Silis (3 spp) and Polemius (2? spp). Larvae of these genera are primarily woodland predators. Malthodes sp has also been collected.
Trypherus atripennis found in Minnesota, but not collected at Cedar Creek.

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