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Lance Nelson of Blaine, MN poses with mask made from his face. Artist Linda Buturian's journal on the dock at Cedar Bog Lake.A mask by Jill Johnson hangs from a tree in the savanna.

Arts and Humanities Initiative

Welcome to the Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve’s Arts and Humanities initiative, Cedar Creek Reflections. Building on a rich heritage of long-term research in ecology, we now embark on a long- term look into the connections between science, nature, and humanity via creative writing and visual arts.

Artists participating in the Artist Residency program experience Cedar Creek through the lens of the scientists, natural space and authentic research. Discerning how these factors change over time and space and intersect the human experience is the focus of the resulting work.

Cedar Creek is part of a larger collaboration called Ecological Reflections — a “network of sites dedicated to long-term, collaborative science and art inquiry into particular sites of great ecological or cultural importance.” Pieces developed as part of a Cedar Creek Artist Residency are also included in this larger body.


Artist-in-residence archive


Linda Buturian (2011)

Jill Johnson (2011)