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5th grade students recording observations at Cedar Bog Lake.The boardwalk to Cedar Bog Lake with a teachers group.2012 participants in BIo Blitz with insect sweep nets.

Education and Community Engagement at Cedar Creek

The education and community engagement arm of Cedar Creek strives to be an inspiring catalyst and outstanding resource for lifelong science education in Minnesota and beyond. Our goal is to connect students, teachers, community members and scientists to Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve’s ecological research through engaging hands-on experiences, and as a result to increase science literacy and help our community better understand scientific principles, processes and concepts.
For questions about Cedar Creek's Education and Outreach programs, contact Caitlin Barale Potter at or 612-301-2602.

Education & Outreach at Cedar Creek from College of Biological Sciences on Vimeo.

Education Programs
The goal of our education programs is to offer high-quality, authentic ecosystem-based programming to K-12 student groups, as well as field trips highlighting the research done onsite to visiting college students. Students who visit Cedar Creek participate in a variety of activities, including nature hikes, inquiry-driven investigations, and interactions with on-going scientific research and our scientist staff. Our activities are standards-driven and use the ecology of Minnesota and the unique challenges posed by current environmental issues to teach core science concepts. Our programs can be customized to meet your school’s curriculum and interests!
Community Engagement Programs
Although Cedar Creek Ecosystem Science Reserve is a private university facility, we welcome the public to visit at various times throughout the year. Our goal is to provide a wide range of opportunities for our friends and neighbors to get to know Cedar Creek, and for the community to be as invested in and proud of this special place as the scientists are!
Interested in learning more about what's happening at Cedar Creek? Click here for current and past editions of our quarterly newsletter, Field Notes!
Come visit, participate in a tour or workshop, or join a citizen science project:
Work and Volunteer Opportunities
We have on-going opportunities to assist with events and programs onsite. Right now, we are recruiting volunteers in three categories:
1) Interpretive naturalist volunteers to staff our new bison gazebo and share information with the public during the summer
2) Education volunteers to assist with elementary school field trips during the spring and fall
3) Citizen science volunteers to collect data on woodpecker behavior, wildlife track and sign, phenology and pollinators
These volunteering opportunities require attendance at a scheduled training event, as well as a committment to a somewhat-regular schedule. We are particularly seeking volunteers with an interest in connecting people to the environment around them. No science background is necessary. If you are interested, please contact Caitlin Barale Potter (
Additionally, during our busy summer field research season, we hire undergraduate students from around the country ecological research interns. Over the summer, they learn practical job skills, contribute to important research, and gain experience in research methods, theory and science communication. Does this sound like an experience you’d like to have? If so, check out our internship opportunities.
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