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Citation. Malave, C.; Irving, F.; Burk, T. E. 1988. Fireplan: an expert system for prescribed fire planning on prairies and savannas (MN). Restoration and Management Notes 6(1):37-38.   [1385  E133  CC]

Abstract. A computer-based expert system called FIREPLAN has been designed to aid land managers in the planning and execution of prescribed burns in tallgrass prairie and oak savanna vegetation. The land manager is asked questions about site, planning, and weather variables. Then, according to the answers given, conclusions are displayed that describe the fire objective (maintenance or restoration), fire regime needed, priority of the burn, contingencies, ignition pattern, effects desired, and the desired behavior of the fire. An index is also provided for determining a prescription. A small supplementary system, FUELMC, predicts fine fuel moisture on the basis of air temperature and relative humidity.

Keywords. FIREPLAN, FUELMC, prescribed burns

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