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Scheduling Special Tours

Over its long history Cedar Creek has become one of the world’s classic ecological research sites, and it remains first and foremost dedicated to research. We welcome the public to learn about the University’s work and to experience the diverse natural habits of Cedar Creek through guided tours and events.


To Tour Cedar Creek Research and Natural Areas

Due to the sensitive nature of the research underway at Cedar Creek, public access to interior trails and research is available only through guided tours arranged in advance or during the annual Cedar Creek Science Field Day held each summer.  Other events throughout the year, including bird walks and red-headed woodpecker hikes, allow for additional behind-the-scenes access to certain areas of Cedar Creek.

Information on public events, including description, date and time, is updated regularly on the Cedar Creek homepage. 

To schedule a tour of our internal natural areas and the research sites, please contact Caitlin Barale Potter  (612-301-2602 or

Tour Options

Research Sites

Visit Cedar Creek's Biodiversity Plots and BioCON, two internationally-known long-term ecological research sites examining the complex relationships between plant biodiversity, productivity and various global change factors including increased CO2 and nitrogen levels.

Cedar Bog Lake

This lovely trail boasts tall grass prairie, a white cedar swamp and deciduous forest as it winds its way to Cedar Bog Lake, the heart of Cedar Creek and site of Raymond Lindeman’s work leading to his Trophic Dynamic theory which remains a cornerstone of modern ecosystem ecology. 

Prescribed Burning and Plant Community Structure

Compare and contrast plant species composition and community structure created by three different prescribed burn regimes to understand the value of burning as a forest management tool and ecological force.

Beckman Bog

Beckman Lake is surrounded by a peat sphagnum bog.  As you bounce gently along the boardwalk, learn a bit of bog and fen ecology and explore the incredibly unique plant life inhabiting these wild areas.